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Our Mission

storEDGE technology is fueled by our passion for the self storage industry. We chose storage because we’re passionate about leveling the playing field for independent operators large and small. We care about our customers - in fact, our products are built on their feedback, and we're inspired by people just like you to consistently deliver exceptional results. With a relentless focus on maximizing your facility’s ROI, we fearlessly conquer every internet marketing and business operations challenge that may come our way. We are proud to be your comprehensive technology solution, offering the marketing websites, self storage management software, online rental tools, and integrated services that you're going to absolutely love.

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The Philosophy

We believe in delivering on our promises. No matter how much success we experience, we’re serious about continued growth. We’re always scoping out the next challenge and questioning how we can make our products even better — all so that your self storage brand can spread its reach, increase unit rentals, and boost profits. How do we do it? We combine the best technology with the best team of professionals, never losing sight of our mission to help storage operators. For you, we can do anything.

The People

We’re proud to employ some of the smartest individuals in and around Kansas City. With a focus on technology and a goal to master our craft, we bring together our industry knowledge and our brilliant team to create, improve, and refine our self storage products. Since we believe that the learning process is unending, we’re eager to meet with like-minded professionals to collaborate on projects and question the way things have always been done. Check out our current job openings and join the team.

The Performance

We serve more than 4,000 storage facilities around the world. Our crew cranks out entirely original design, content, and streams of code — all while rigorously analyzing market trends and studying up on search engine optimization. We’re a close-knit team of professionals, challenging and supporting one another every day. It’s our collaborative spirit and our never-ending quest to learn that drives us to develop and perfect the all-inclusive platform your storage facility has been looking for.

Our Success

We know that promises and marketing speak aren’t enough to convey why you should work with us. Your company is faced with the challenge of selling your brand and providing extra space to the people in your community. We’re the trusted technology platform for more than 4,000 storage facilities because we understand where you're coming from and have sharpened our ability to deliver the best return on investment in the industry. Just like you, we’re focused on the bottom line: more rentals. When you choose storEDGE, that’s precisely what you’ll get. Demo our products today and see for yourself.