You’ve got your social media profiles up and running, but now you have to gain a following. It can certainly seem overwhelming with sources all over the internet telling you a thousand different things you need to do to optimize your social media presence.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, though. There are simple, easy ways to increase your visibility on social media platforms – little things that don’t take more than five or ten minutes. Since most storage facilities are relatively small businesses, you don’t have the need (or probably the money) to hire a social media expert to be able to target your audience in a very clear and engaging manner. Here are a few simple steps to improve your social media presence.

1. Promote Your Social Presence Everywhere

And we do mean everywhere. It’s virtually essential now to have all of your social media platforms integrated with each other. Your Twitter should be just a click away from your Facebook page, which (of course) is only a click away from your official website. This is all easy to do, and if you set your accounts up well, it’s already done.

But there are ways to promote your social media presence off the web as well. For example, try encouraging employees to share company posts and thereby reach a larger audience. Engage your customers most of all. There are lots of ways to remind them to “like” you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter – you can verbally ask them when they’re in your office or leave a little reminder on invoices. It doesn’t take much to get someone to follow your storage facility online – it’s just a click of a button – so keep it fresh in their minds.

2. Time Your Posts

Timing can be very important in maximizing your social media presence.

Timing can be very important to your social media presence. Graphic courtesy of Marketing Savant.

This is one area where some social media marketers like to go crazy and get incredibly technical and scientific. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Just check out what times seem to work best for your social media platform, and try to post your updates then. What helps even more is being consistent. If you post three times in one week and then forget about it for a month, you’re not going to keep the interest of your followers, so try to keep the posts coming consistently. Once or twice a week should be enough for most small storage facilities.

3. Engage Your Audience

This one you’ve probably heard before, but it bears repeating. Engage your audience. It’s called social media for a reason. Users aren’t looking for an endless stream of ads and coupons – they want to talk to real people. So talk to them. Respond to their questions. Address their complaints. This will not only help retain the disgruntled consumer but will improve your overall appearance and probably help attract new customers.

There are countless stories now about a company drawing an upset customer away from one of its competitors all because of an angry Twitter post, so keep your eyes open. It doesn’t take very long to search some keywords related to storage and see what’s been said recently.

4. Thank Your Customers

In addition to answering questions and addressing complaints, one of the easiest ways to improve your social media presence and your customer service is simply to thank customers who post on your page. If they share a compliment or a nice story, respond genuinely with gratitude. They’re doing your business a favor by providing some good press, so do them a favor and let them know their effort was appreciated.

5. Be Creative

A huge part of social media is entertainment. Users want to see a funny picture or read an interesting news article. So give it to them. If you, the manager, find something amusing, share it. It doesn’t take more than a minute, and your followers want to know they’re not following a robot. Or you could post about a local charity event – whatever it is that you think will draw the attention of the people scrolling their newsfeeds. If you find that one particular kind of post draws more attention than others, consider making that kind of post more often.

6. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are the words you sometimes see crammed together after a pound sign. If you didn’t know, they essentially categorize your post with an easily searchable tag. They’ll only make your posts more visible, so use them. A user looking for, say, self storage in Kansas City might search related hashtags to see what’s been said about it. You can also search through them yourself and see what people are saying about your company or self storage in general in your area, or you can learn what specific hashtags people are using so you can use the same ones and maximize your visibility.

7. Clean Your Pages of Spam

Everyone gets spam. The bigger your web presence, the more you’ll get. So take a few minutes each day to read through comments on your page (which you should already be doing) and delete the ones that are nothing but spam. Don’t delete legitimate complaints or negative comments – address those. Delete spam that was obviously posted by bots or comments with no value or relevance to your page.

The social media landscape is constantly changing, and there’s a new social media marketing “guru” popping up every hour with new ideas to implement, but you don’t have to let it overwhelm you. Social media is only one branch of marketing, which is only one facet of running a business. You shouldn’t spend all your time trying to make your profiles perfect or hire a social media expert you don’t have the money for. While it’s possible to get 293,000 Facebook fans without using ads, it’s not something most small facilities will be able to do while also maintaining all the other essential parts of their businesses.

The steps outlined in this post are small, easy steps any self storage owner or manager can take to improve the company’s social media presence. You don’t have to try to tackle them all at once. Just implement them as you get the opportunity, and with just a few minutes each day, you can watch your likes and shares increase.

We’d love to hear more ideas. What simple steps have you taken to improve your social media presence? Share with us in the comments below!

Featured graphic courtesy of Marketing Land.