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You wouldn’t think tweeting about toilet paper could be that interesting, but Charmin’s tweets are gold. Seriously, go follow them right now. With over 76,000 followers, they are killing it at Twitter marketing by tweeting out creative and hilarious content, sharing bear-y cute graphics, and hosting fun voting contests. They perfectly jump on trending topics and hashtags (like #dogshaming and the Rio Olympics) and they always show their relevance.

So what can your self storage business learn from the toilet paper legend of Twitter? Check out these five tips on how to increase your lead traffic from Twitter.

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1. Use a social media management service to find your audience.

So maybe you’re already using a social media management service like Sprout Social or Hootsuite. But are you utilizing their analytics effectively to hone in on your audience? You can set up these services to monitor relevant hashtags for you, discover new customers, and even track followers and conversations. This kind of social listening can provide you with a much deeper understanding of your followers and their friends (aka your customers). And after you know what kind of content your followers (read: customers) want, you can market smarter. After you’re able to tap into what content is shared and what content is ignored, you'll be able to grow your social media account quickly.

Social listening follows your audience for you so that you can start using relevant hashtags and jump on trending topics. It also helps you cater content marketing to your audience’s lifestyle and online preferences. And of course, the better you understand your customer’s demographics, the more effectively you can market and sell to them. It’s totally worth it to utilize social media management services so that you can gather important data on your audience and keep tabs on your competitor's content.

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2. Host interactive contests.

Interactive contests are a fun way to spice up social media, and they’re also a really effective lead generation (lead gen) tool. Offer a prize that is related to your self storage business, like a free 5x5 unit rental for 90 days or a 24-hour moving truck rental. Make sure the prize is big enough that it incentivizes people to join the contest. Ask people to vote, like or share your content to win. For the most lead gen opportunities, like-gate or email-gate your contest by asking people to like your content or share their email address for the contest. Your strongest leads are the people who are most willing to share their information with you.

Making your content creative and fun is also crucial to getting people to play. Cross-promote your contest on your company’s blog, website or Facebook page to get even more people to vote and participate in the contest. After hosting a few successful contests, you can start upping the stakes of your contests and give away prizes less related to your self storage business. Host a themed contest using trending or local events, like your local high school's homecoming week or NCAA March Madness. Partner with popular local businesses for more ideas that your community will love. Check out this list for more ideas.

Here are some easy and fun ideas we love:

  • Viewer’s choice: Ask your followers to vote on their favorite mascot for your business. Your favorite idea wins a prize!

  • Likes for prizes: Ask followers to share their best moving tips. The tip with the most likes wins a self storage related prize!

  • Guessing game: Play a guessing game by hiding an Easter basket in a storage unit and having followers guess the unit number it’s stashed in. The person that guesses the closest number wins a the Easter basket filled with gift certificates and goodies from other local businesses!

  • Scavenger hunt: Partner with local businesses to host a community wide scavenger hunt. Post clues on your social media page and ask followers to share their picture with the item to get the next clue! Give prizes to the first five finishers.

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3. Tweet lead gen content the right way.

If you’re spending time Tweeting and still not getting the results you want, you might need to take another look at your lead gen content. First, start by strategizing what your call to action (CTA) offer is going to be. Your CTA offer needs to be enticing enough that people are willing to exchange their name and email address for it. This could be anything from a free e-book to free first month’s rent at your facility.

After you’ve created an enticing CTA, get creative with your content. Your lead gen tweets should be short, creative and to the point. Keep hashtags to a minimum so the focus stays on your CTA link, and always include a high quality, click-worthy image. Twitter users are looking for the personality behind the brand and they tend to ignore promoted tweets that sound too sales-y. Make sure your tweet has personality by avoiding basic, boring CTA content.

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When in doubt, keep it simple and fun. For more information, check out Twitter’s lead generation cards to learn how to boost your lead gen tweets. Read this article for more information on how to run a successful advertising campaign on Twitter.

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4. Create share-worthy images.

Remember this important stat: Social media content that’s paired with a relevant image gets 94% more views on average than content that's shared without relevant images.

You don’t have to be a graphic designer or pro photographer to make share-worthy images for your Twitter content. Editing apps like Canva and Pixlr can help you make creative, attention-grabbing images for your tweets, even if you’re not design savvy. And you don’t need to spend a fortune investing in a DSLR camera, either. Check out these tips on how to take awesome pictures for social media with your smartphone.

Make creative images for your tweets with editing apps and use pictures from your phone. Remember to always include a great image with your Twitter content to double your views and follower engagement.

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5. Follow up on lead gen tweets quickly.

Once you’ve got leads coming in from your Twitter, don’t lose them! Nurture your new leads by keeping the conversation going. First, take the conversation somewhere private and listen. Remember that many self storage customers are going through a difficult move, job change, divorce or loss of a loved one. Thank them for reaching out to you and be a friendly and compassionate listener.

Once you know their pain points and what they’re looking for, share relevant information with them and point them in the direction of a solution. Maybe they need somewhere to store their grandmother's baby grand piano and wine collection, so you share with them the speciality wine storage page of your website and a deal on a climate-controlled 10x10 unit for the piano. Don't forget to give them your contact information, and be sure to enter the lead in your software’s lead tracking system.

The takeaway? Twitter offers huge opportunities for smart marketers. Harness the power of social networking for your self storage business by applying these five tips to your next Twitter campaign.

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