Achieving and retaining success in the self storage industry requires hard work. Becoming an overnight success is rare, and you typically don’t hear someone brag about how little effort they put into their business. Success and stability in the self storage industry can be assisted by staying current on industry happenings and trends. You’ll find that the more you read and understand all aspects of self storage, the more likely you are to meet changes head on, aware of your ability to take industry changes in stride.

storEDGE can be a helpful ally in your self storage endeavors, and we want you to feel confident in your business. Providing innovative products and easily-accessible, quality customer service are ways we can help. Another is through providing many information outlets.

Consider keeping up with the blogs we’ve listed below to stay informed, and apply that knowledge to your business.

1. storEDGE Blog

The storEDGE blog provides a breadth of knowledge: technology trends, marketing strategies, industry news, advice for operations, opinions from those in the field, and even how storage is depicted in pop culture. Whether you’re visiting the blog with a specific goal in mind or looking for a quick read, the storEDGE blog is sure to have something of interest for all readers.

While the storEDGE blog is a terrific source for current, industry happenings, it’s also important to keep up with the industry through all means possible. The information on the following blogs can help your business grow and provide insights into the way self storage trends are moving.

2. Inside Self Storage Blog

Inside Self Storage (ISS) provides up-to-date industry news (we’re talking hourly updates all throughout the day). With this dedication to keeping their readers informed, it can be surmised that their blog has some quality information. ISS’s blog doesn’t disappoint expectations; with regular, quality information on the industry, trends, and events and frequent contributions from prominent members in the industry, everyone in the self storage industry can benefit from some information. The site is updated several times through the month with entries that can range from social media tips to ideas for increasing business. This is a site you’ll definitely want to bookmark and keep up with!

3. Self Storage Talk Forum

Another offering from ISS is the Self Storage Talk Forum. As the title implies, this is a forum and not a blog; but it’s an indispensable source of information. Self storage owners, managers, and others in the business use this tool to create and participate in conversations. No matter your place in the self storage world, there is a conversation happening that pertains to your interests. Newbies can post questions, concerns, or calls for advice; veterans and fellow newcomers can impart their knowledge or provide words of encouragement. Those who have long been in the field can use the forum to initiate conversations about industry trends or concerns. It’s also a good place to share your journey in the self storage industry!

Overall, this is a good place to seek advice or ask questions of those who are either in the same boat as you or some other step of the way within the industry.

4. Self Storage Association Blog

Relatively new to the self storage blog scene is the Self Storage Association (SSA) blog. Don’t let their newcomer status deter you; this blog is jam packed with information. Attending industry events and conferences can help you network and gain relevant industry knowledge while showing the world what you have accomplished, and the SSA blog provides information on industry events and recaps of these conferences. Use this source to help plan the rest of your year!

The SSA blog also is a good source of legislative information. The local, state, and national governments all have an effect on the self storage world. With recent moratoriums on self storage unit construction and possible tax reform, it’s recommended that business owners keep up with with legislative news.

You’re missing out if you don’t at least occasionally check out this blog; the information is indispensable to continued success in the self storage business world.

5. Sparefoot Blog

The Sparefoot blog primarily is an excellent article source for those in need of self storage space, making it perfect for sharing to customers on your social media pages. Reading these pieces can help give you ideas for ways you can better meet the storage needs of those you serve. Who knows what ideas you may come up with after reading a few of these pieces.

In addition to the aforementioned articles, the Sparefoot blog also has a news section with industry information relevant to storage owners and managers. These can cover topics specific to the world of self storage, or other current events that may have an affect on the industry. The material is well written and designed, and quite informative, making this another website you should check out when looking for a solid read.

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