There are many reasons to consider phone call recording for your individual storage facility, a collection of properties or an entire brand. Whether company policies have been modified or you’re looking for another way to increase rentals, call recording can be a valuable resource for self storage owners and operators. Here, we cover five ways your business will benefit from recording system software.

1. Customer Satisfaction

One of the most beneficial reasons to utilize call recording is to improve customer satisfaction. By monitoring interactions between your employees and customers, not only can you highlight quality service performed by your staff, but you can also resolve customer complaints before they become larger issues. With continual observations, your employees will be led by example and customer satisfaction will increase.

2. Quality Control

Call recording can assist in the reduction of entry errors. While most information exchanged at storage facilities is done in-person or online, call recording software allows information to be saved for review, so important details, such as credit card information or rental quotes, are not mistyped, lost or forgotten. Quality control not only saves time and money, but also ensures professional, reliable service.

3. Sales Training

Monitoring facility phone calls can improve customer satisfaction and quality control significantly, and the same information gathered during the process can be utilized for effective sales training. Gather samples and schedule staff meetings on a quarterly basis, so you can demonstrate to your employees what is expected and what needs to be improved. Use examples of quality service during company training sessions of new team members, as well.

4. Performance Reviews

Facility managers can use call recording as a tool for performance reviews. By analyzing past and current recordings, managers and supervisors can compare individual staff progress to company standards. Monitor daily calls and inspect the quality of service with ease, so your employees can receive feedback on their performance while also obtaining guidance on how they can improve. Staff reviews are a key aspect to the above mentioned benefits of call recording.

5. Corporate Liability

Small or large, all businesses have the potential to face threatening lawsuits – even in self storage. A simple miscommunication, regarding your eviction policy, for instance, can lead to a much more serious problem. Professional call recording is a proactive way to prevent liability. By analyzing specific recordings, your company can defuse many scenarios, including tenant disputes, and avoid potential (and costly) lawsuits.

There are many technological services and tools available to improve operations within the self storage industry. Phone call recording is an easy way to observe performance and make suggestions for improvement. Contact a StorageAhead account manager or salesperson to learn about our call recording software, PhnKey.