Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2013 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Whether you run a multi-facility, class A self storage business or you manage a small boat and RV storage property in a rural area, you’ll likely receive your fair share of tenant and lead phone calls at all hours of the day. With integrated, cloud-based facility management software, you can track all of your facility phone calls right in your software from your home office or via your smartphone on the go. Even if you run a small operation, there are tons of benefits to cloud-based call recording and lead integration. Plus, after you get used to quick screen pops, call notes, and tenant/lead phone histories in your software, it can be hard to go back to a less organized customer relationship management (CRM) system. Here, we cover five ways your business can benefit from call recording in your facility management software:

A screenshot of recent phone activity in storEDGE.

1. Better customer service

One of the biggest benefits of in-software call recording? Better customer service! By monitoring phone calls between your employees and storage customers, you’ll be able to both highlight exemplary customer service and work with employees who are struggling. You’ll never forget to call back a tenant who you missed a call from (the list is right on your software dashboard!), and you’ll have detailed records of the last conversation you had with that tenant you need to call tomorrow. Whether you’re working out of the same office as your employees, or you’re states away, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s over-the-phone salesmanship and customer service skills.

2. Improved quality control

Ever tried to gather information from someone over the phone, only to mishear something and have to call them back to ask for the same information again? Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s frustrating for both employees and customers. Call recording can help reduce entry errors during phone calls. With a full log of the day’s phone calls and tenant call histories, it’s easy to re-listen to the call and get the information you missed, such as tenant information, rental quotes, and more. With in-software call recording, this information is never lost or forgotten, saving your business time and money and ensuring professional, reliable customer service.

A screenshot of an incoming call screen pop.

3. Simpler sales training

Training new facility managers how to handle phone calls is a breeze with a library of past examples of stellar and not-so-stellar calls stored right in your software. You can bookmark fantastic customer service calls to recognize your team for their great work, or save tricky calls as examples of how to troubleshoot difficult customers for your next meeting. By showing your new team members examples of sales calls during their training, they’ll be able to jump right in and maintain a consistent brand image on the phones.

4. Instant team feedback

If you have a large team, you know how difficult it is to gather employee histories for performance reviews. As a manager of your team, you can use call records as a tool for your team’s performance reviews. By analyzing old and new phone calls, you’ll be able to easily compare your team member’s progress on the phones and see the evolution of their customer service skills. If you’re team is big on recognition (as it should be), call recording is the perfect way to pat your team members on the back for their hard work and superior customer service skills. By reviewing daily calls and opening up your team’s communication across facilities, your employees can receive instant recognition for handling a difficult call with ease and learn how they can better handle a tricky scenario next time.

5. Modernized record keeping

Whether your self storage business is small or large, you’ll need to be protected in the event that a tenant takes legal action against you. Call records are an especially useful tool in self storage when keeping records during the lien process. Professional call recording is a proactive way to protect your storage business from liability in lien disagreements. By looking at call histories with delinquent tenants, you’ll be able to show a full history of communication records to defuse the situation and resolve any tenant disputes.

A screenshot of recent communication in storEDGE.

No matter the size of your storage business, in-software call tracking can help you stay organized, improve customer service, and better track incoming leads. With call tracking that’s baked into your facility management software at no additional cost, you’ll be able to easily see, track, and store all of your business’s phone calls.

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