Hey, SSA members! Did you see our article on niche marketing on the SSA blog? Just like virtual reality headsets, subscription boxes, fashionable beards, and fidget spinners, specialty or “niche” storage facilities were trendy in 2017 - and unlike fidget spinners, we think this trend will continue into 2018 and beyond. A growing number of self storage renters (especially those in affluent urban and suburban areas) are embracing amenity-rich, specialty storage options for their luxury items, and they’re willing to pay premium prices for it, too.

To meet the growing demand, facilities all over the country are fixing up their facilities, adjusting their unit mixes, or expanding to add premium storage options like climate-controlled units, indoor RV storage, document storage, wine storage, and yes, even band rehearsal spaces. Not sure you want to listen to the latest garageband’s racket at your facility? You might change your mind after checking out the top-dollar rental rates your facility could be missing out on for these premium, hard-to-find spaces. Sound appealing, now? If you’re looking to expand or build a new storage property in the future, it’s the perfect time to explore niche and specialty storage opportunities in your market.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out the SSA blog post on niche marketing, you can get the gist with this short and sweet summary. Want the full enchilada? Check out the full article!

Sugar House Storage archives. Sugar House Archives and Shred in Salt Lake City, UT offers secure document storage, shredding, and disposal services for nearby offices and businesses, law firms, medical facilities, government agencies, and more.

1. Business and office storage

Ideal for: Tech-savvy facilities in markets with a plethora of paper-heavy businesses, like insurance companies, hospitals, veterinary offices, law firms, or government agencies.

Does this sound like you? Perfect! Many businesses just like these are in dire need of document storage for old bookkeeping records, private customer files, expired documents, and tax records that they don’t know what to do with as they move to become paperless. Your self storage facility can be the answer by providing secure file storage and shredding services to data-heavy businesses like these! You might already be renting storage units to business owners like general contractors or e-commerce sellers, so why not try document storage? If you’re renovating an outdated warehouse-style building, or your new build has several extra-large storage units that are hard to fill, check out this niche storage option.

2. Wine storage

Ideal for: High-security facilities with climate control or below-ground, temperature-controlled units in affluent, urban and suburban markets.

Think: Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and southern California. If your market has a large presence of wine enthusiasts, this may be a great opportunity for your storage business to cash in and help renters by storing their fine wines. If you’re building a new property and interested in cashing in on this highly-profitable specialty storage option, consider including a basement with 24-hour, access-controlled entry or offering package deliveries at your secure office. It’s also a great option for facility renovations: if your property has a basement that isn’t being utilized, why not check out your options for converting it to secure wine storage?

Secure Pack Storage RV parking. Secure Pack Storage in Lenoir City, TN offers covered RV, boat, and vehicle storage at their brand-new facility near popular camping, hiking, and fishing spots in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

3. RV and boat storage

Ideal for: Large, high-security properties situated in prime-location for fast-access to outdoor recreation hotspots like state and national parks, fishing holes, forests, campgrounds, lakes, and rivers.

If you’re in a recreational area and you want to get in on this growing trend, you’ve got to have the acreage. RVs, motorhomes, pontoons, and fishing boats are large and expensive, and owners expect first-class amenities like 24-hour access, high-security features, wide driveways, covered parking, and (in colder markets) indoor, temperature-controlled storage. You’ll need a large property with space for covered parking and extra-large, drive-up accessible units. Want to go all in on RV and boat storage? Boost your amenities by offering vehicle wash bays, dump stations, propane gas, boat detailing, and more.

4. Band practice spaces

Ideal for: Rural storage facilities with high-security, 24-hour access, and large, temperature-controlled units with outlets and electrical power.

I’ve never been in a band, unless you count high school marching band where I played a mean piccolo, but I’ve heard from musical friends that it can be a big challenge to find a good practice space. Band rehearsal spaces can be a great niche storage option for secure, rural facilities with temperature controlled units. The keyword here is rural: band practice spaces need a space where making noise isn’t a problem and neighboring residents or businesses won’t be bothered by a little late-night music, so it’s a great opportunity for rural facilities to rent out large units at a premium rate. If this is something you’re interested in offering at your new facility, consider including a 20-Amp power source, sound-resistant unit walls, and easily accessible bathrooms for renters (like these band rehearsal spaces from our friends at STORExpress!).

If one (or more!) of these niche storage ideas intrigues you, check out the full article on creative, specialty storage options. You just might discover a great idea for your next self storage development project.

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