Blogging – whether the word brings terror to your eyes (ah, writing!) or it's something you know you should be doing (but aren't), here are a few good reasons why you should get started as soon as possible!

1) Rank Higher on the Search Engines  

One major component of improving your SEO (ranking within Google, Bing, etc.) is writing fresh new content for your website on a regular basis. In the self storage industry, the best way to do this is by keeping an active blog. By creating a new blog post, you create a new link for search engines to crawl, index and eventually rank. Additionally, other sites that find your blog posts interesting or informative can link to your blog, bringing you more traffic.

2) Feed Your Social Media Sites

If you're new to social media and aren't quite sure of what kind of posts you should be sharing from your accounts, writing blogs is a great way to create content for your existing social media sites. If you haven't set up your Facebook, Twitter, or G+ accounts yet, you will now have a reason to create accounts if you were hesitant before. Your followers can share your content with their followers and spread your posts around the Internet.

3) Share Your Industry Knowledge

If you answer potential tenants' questions online, they'll trust your brand as an expert in the industry. Your staff members know the ins and outs of storing as they give storage advice everyday; now is the time to take that advice and put it on paper (err….or on a computer screen) for those surfing the web to read before they even arrive to your facility.

4) Set Your Brand Apart from the Competition

Have you noticed a lot of your customers asking your employees the same questions? Use your blog as a way to reach out to renters and show them that you're the most knowledgeable storage facility in their area.Not only do blogs act as a forum to answer frequently asked questions, but customers can also interact with what you write on the message board by commenting, allowing for even more connection.

Get started:

Starting a blog is easy. You can set up a blog page directly on your website, or use one of the several existing blogging platforms, such as Wordpress, Joomla and Blogger to link out from your site. Find a good writer in your office who can edit blog posts for spelling and grammar – all of your employees can take turns writing a blog, but make sure each is checked for quality before going live.

StorageAhead Pro Tip: Add pictures to your blog posts to make them more aesthetically pleasing! You can find free pictures to use here.

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