The season of giving is upon us, and here at storEDGE, we’re feeling especially festive this year - that’s why we’ve decided to kick off the season with 12 days of surprises for storEDGE clients! From December 4th through the 19th, we’re surprising our clients with 12 of their most-asked-for features and technology improvements, and we'll also be sprinkling in some fun, unexpected surprises.

The elves in the storEDGE workshop have been listening to all of your needs and wants, no matter how large or small, and we’re working hard to improve our technology for you with always-free, innovative updates, improvements, and new features. Whether you’re on our oh-so-pretty management software or our award-winning marketing websites, or if you’ve been naughty or nice this year, we’re sure you’ll love 12 days of merry gift-giving, including special offers and time-saving improvements you’ve been asking for. (I mean, it has to be better than a bunch of birds, right?)

We’ll be updating this blog post every day during 12 days of storEDGE with information on new features, updates, and tools - so be sure to follow along! Click on the links in the song below to read more details about each day’s gift.

On the twelfth day of storEDGE
my tech team gave to me
Automated lead texting
Credit card masking security settings
A festive holiday cookbook
The ability to generate multiple delinquency notices
More intuitive fee integration
Storage jokes on command
Smooth payment transfers
Amazon gift cards for feedback
A new report for corporate
A handy ebook for reading
Credit card payments made simpler
and Wondersearch as easy as 1-2-3.

Day one of the 12 days of storEDGE.

1. Wondersearch improvements

Our goal with the in-software Wondersearch function was to create a rapid-fast search tool that allows all users to quickly find a unit or tenant right from the nav bar. Our latest improvements to Wondersearch have made searching even more lightning-fast! Now, you can enter as little as two digits or letters to see the results you’re looking for magically appear right before your eyes.

Day two of the 12 days of storEDGE.

2. Credit card payment improvements

We improved our credit card payment process to make things a little more foolproof. It makes over-the-phone credit card payments a cinch! Now, if you accidentally leave a field blank or see an error message after processing a payment, you won’t have to ask your customer to repeat their sensitive credit card number and security code again - the customer’s card details will still be there temporarily until you exit the secure payment process.

Day three of the 12 days of storEDGE.

3. Ebook: 8 incentive-based competitions to motivate your managers

As a self storage owner, you’re in the unique position to make work fun for your team. Whether you’re looking to spark a little friendly competition between facility managers, spice up your manager’s day-to-day work, or improve your business’s bottom line, incentive competitions are a terrific tool for the job. This free ebook was created to help you brainstorm for your next company-wide, performance-boosting competition. Check out these eight ideas for creative ways to offer incentives to your managers!

Day four of the 12 days of storEDGE.

4. Manager Performance Report

Our latest performance report displays important data for users and managers, making it easy for owners to get a corporate-level snapshot of their managers’ performance. The Manager Performance report lists your users and data such as how many move-ins they processed, how much merchandise they sold, how many payments they processed, and more!

Day five of the 12 days of storEDGE.

5. A gift card for your feedback

What should we do next? We want your input. Fire away with your comments and tell us what you love or what’s missing from your storEDGE management software and/or marketing website, and we’ll say thanks by sending you an Amazon gift card. Our technology is built on feedback from self storage owners and managers just like you, and we’re working to make 2018 our best year yet. Fill out the survey here!

Day six of the 12 days of storEDGE.

6. Transfer credit card payments

We’ve improved our payment process again to make it as easy as pie to transfer credit card payments to a different tenant account. If a user accidentally makes a payment to the wrong tenant’s account, incorrectly applies a payment, or overpays, now it’s simple to transfer and correct the payment.

Day seven of the 12 days of storEDGE.

7. Self storage jokes on command

Sometimes you need a little laugh to get through the day. Now, storEDGE management software users can see self storage jokes on command! Simply hold down Ctl + shift + j on your keyboard and you'll instantly see a punny, cheesy, or just plain silly self storage joke pop up in your software.

Day eight of the 12 days of storEDGE.

8. More intuitive fee integration

From late fees to auction fees, admin fees to security deposits, we know how important effortless fee integration is in your software. That’s why we’ve made setting up fees easier, more intuitive, and more automated. With automated fee bracket replacements, you’ll never hand-enter fees in your documents and templates again.

Day nine of the 12 days of storEDGE.

9. The ability to generate multiple delinquency notices

Now, you can save time when preparing delinquency notices by generating notices for multiple tenants at once! Just select the tenants that need to receive a notice, generate your notices, and print. It’s that easy.

Day ten of the 12 days of storEDGE.

10. Ebook: The storEDGE Holiday Cookbook

We love to celebrate with good food at storEDGE, and now, we're sharing our favorite holiday recipes with you! Trust us, there's no better gift than Allyson's cheesecake recipe. Download the e-cookbook here!

Day eleven of the 12 days of storEDGE.

11. Credit card masking security settings

We've improved our software to include a setting that masks newly entered credit card numbers, providing further security for your customers. As you type in a credit card, the numbers will automatically hide behind asterisks - it's fast, secure, and easy to turn on or off for your team.

Day twelve of the 12 days of storEDGE.

12. Automated lead texting

We've expanded on our oh-so-popular two-way texting feature to create a simple, automated method of following up on leads. Now, you can easily send automated SMS messages to your leads with new, customizable templates that you can use for missed move-ins, lead reminders, and reservation reminders.

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