Calling all West Coast storage facilities! If you’re near one of America’s top wine destinations, you might be perfectly positioned to start offering premium-priced wine storage spaces for wine connoisseurs in your area. Storing wine can be tricky, and that’s why wine collectors are always looking for an ideal space to keep their bottles in perfect cellar-like conditions. With a little research and planning, you can outfit your storage facility to create ideal wine storage spaces and provide sought-after amenities to wine enthusiasts in your area. If you’re already providing wine storage and want to up the ante, or you’re thinking about exploring this niche storage idea, check out these 11 ways to create an unforgettable experience for your wine renters:

1. Create a wine club.

Offer wine connoisseurs a premium experience with your own wine collector’s club! When tenants rent wine storage from your facility, they’ll also get wine club member perks like wine tastings, networking events with other wine lovers, and other club member perks. For club inspiration, check out STORExpress’s premium car club - their indoor vehicle storage renters can join the club to get exclusive access to premium amenities, additional storage space, and even their own lounge!

2. Offer free monthly tastings.

Organize a monthly event just for wine storage renters where they can get together and taste fine wines. Create a shared calendar where wine club members can reserve the space for their own wine tasting event, or host the event every month with a few bottles of wine and some tasty hors d'oeuvres.

3. Invest in climate control.

Climate-controlled units and temperature-controlled units are not the same thing: climate-controlled units control humidity as well as temperature, which is super important to keep corks well conditioned. If you don’t already have climate control, consider adding it to your wine storage cellars to maintain the ideal 60 - 80% humidity levels for wine collections.

4. Send a monthly newsletter to wine storage renters.

If you’ve got a wine club, why not add in a fun newsletter to make things feel more official? Send out a lighthearted monthly email to your wine renters with the latest information on wineries and vineyards in your area, new restaurants opening up in town that winos might be interested in, fun wine facts, and any upcoming events or relevant news from your storage facility.

5. Up your cheese game.

Artisan cheeses go together perfectly with wine. Offer fancy cheeses to wine club members in your office or lounge area, or host wine and cheese pairing parties by bringing in an expert sommelier and learn how to pair fancy wines and cheeses from an experienced wine educator. Your wine club members will leave full of ideas for wine and cheese pairings at home or for their next party.

6. Partner with local wineries, vineyards, or liquor stores.

Get to know your local art and wine hangouts and form relationships with them that are mutually beneficial. Offer wine club renters 10% off tours of a local winery in exchange for their recommendation of your business, see if you can get donated wines for tastings from a local restaurant known for fine wines, or offer discounts at the liquor store with the best wine selection in town to wine club renters in exchange for their promotion of your business. It’s all about finding opportunities for co-marketing to wine connoisseurs in your area!

7. Give wine storage renters the VIP experience.

If you want to charge a premium rate for wine storage and impress renters, try upgrading your amenities for wine storage renters! Upgrade your security to offer 24/7 keycard or fingerprint access, video monitoring, free wi-fi, month-to-month contracts, a free storage locker, or a private lounge and restroom for wine storage renters complete with a fridge and storage lockers for club members to use. Don’t be afraid to throw in luxury amenities - your tenants will love the extra care they’re getting for their special wine collections. Keep everything super clean and nice to provide wine storage renters with a true VIP experience!

8. Convert one of your larger storage units into a tasting room or event space.

If you need a private lounge space for wine storage renters, why not convert one of your larger, hard-to-fill units into a tasting room or event space? With a luxurious space for tasting events, wine and cheese pairings, or sommelier educational sessions, you’ll be able to grow the community of wine lovers that are interested in joining your wine club and offer an even more unforgettable experience to tenants who are paying a premium rate for storage space.

9. Accept wine deliveries at your office.

If you’ve ever ordered wine over the internet, you know how difficult it can be to find a time and place for the delivery where you’ll be able to sign for it. Plus, some states do not allow wine shipments at all. If your storage business is near a state line in an area where wine shipping laws vary from state to state, it could be a great opportunity for your storage business to accept package deliveries for wine club members so they can ship wine directly to your facility. If you already have staff on site during normal business hours, all you’ll need to do is have them sign for package deliveries from wineries or wine clubs, and store wine deliveries in your tenant’s cellar until they’re ready to pick it up.

10. Send wine storage renters a wine-themed holiday gift as a thank you.

Every year my husband and I get a small gift around the holidays from the realtor we used to buy our house. Last year it was a bottle opener, the year before it was an ice cream scoop, and before that, a $15 Starbucks gift card. These little gestures are so kind and thoughtful, and they’re excellent marketing for your facility. Send your wine cellar renters an engraved corkscrew opener or set of wine glasses, a bottle of wine with a personalized label, a wine tote, stone coasters with your wine club logo, or a wine holder that shows your brand’s personality or is local to your area.

11. Offer a wine club referral discount.

When one of your wine club members refers a friend, offer both your current renter and the new renter a discount like 20% off for the year or one month’s rent free. If your wine collector tenants love your storage facility, they’ll be happy to refer a friend to join your wine club for it’s exclusive perks and community events, and they’ll get a discount in doing so!

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