2017 has been an exciting year for both self storage and the storEDGE team. Industry growth has been spectacular, generating over $36 billion in revenue over the past year - more than three times that of Hollywood’s 2016 box office revenue. And at storEDGE, we’ve been growing, too. We’ve grown our research and development team, expanded our offices to Denver, and formed the storage industry’s largest technology team.

We’re always working on bringing new, innovative tech tools to the self storage industry, and we’re thankful for all of the blessings we’ve enjoyed in 2017. Since it’s the eleventh month of the year, we compiled the top 11 things we’re thankful for this year. Check out thanks from around the storEDGE office below!

1. "I'm thankful for the storEDGE customers who continue to demand a better way to run their business. Without them, we wouldn't get to build exciting features like business intelligence, text messaging, kiosk integration, and e-signatures."

- Adam England, Chief Technology Officer

2. “I'm thankful to work at a company filled with all kinds of personalities and experience levels - it's fun to see our different temperaments and talents come together to deliver a game-changing technology. Not only are we changing the self storage industry, we're having an unbelievable amount of fun while doing it.”

- Ben Davidson, Software Engineer

3. “My hardworking, awesome coworkers. I’m incredibly thankful to be surrounded by such a smart, fun group of go-getters as part of the storEDGE team.”

- Jana Haecherl, Marketing Communications Specialist

4. “I am thankful for the ability to work with people who care about their work and their products. I’m proud to work with a team of innovators and successful leaders who have a passion and drive to make each day better than the last.”

- Amber Helm, Event Coordinator

5. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to work on a team of passionate engineers who work hard to build products that improve our customers’ daily lives. We’re not just building tech, we’re helping people build profitable businesses.”

- Josh Marchello, Senior Software Engineer

6. “The passion in each of our team members is contagious. It motivates us individually to be better and to create better products. We're lucky to work where expectations are high!"

- Megan Kannard, Director of Marketing

7. “Being voted one of Kansas City’s best places to work by those who know us best: our team. Thanks for making storEDGE my home away from home.”

- Kayla Gibbens, Human Resources Manager

8. “I’m thankful that I don’t wake up dreading going to work everyday. Knowing I have a company that appreciates the work we do and supports us keeps us motivated to work harder and move our company higher up the success ladder.”

- Ashley Burgener, Account Manager

9. “I’m thankful for our amazing clients. I’m happy I get to introduce storEDGE to industry leaders, first time facility owners, and everyone in between. Each new launch is a challenge, but it’s one I love.”

- Allyson Betzold, Client Launch Specialist

10. "I am thankful for our competitors. They help make our product more desirable. And I'm thankful for my dog, Rider."

- Chris Klein, Senior Business Development Lead

11. “I’m thankful to work with so many thankful, can-do people."

- Dan Miller, CEO

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