If you’ve checked out our recent blog post on the power of video marketing, you know how important videos are to marketing your self storage business. You don’t have to hire a professional videographer or buy an expensive camera to make a great video. All you need to get started is your iPhone! Did you know Youtube is the second most popular search engine after Google? It’s true! It’s totally free to create and post videos on Youtube, and you’ll win more business online with great videos and photos of your facility.

Video Best Practices

Ready to get started? Every video you create should have these elements:

Include your name, location, and address in the video title on Youtube.

Bad title: Facility Tour

Good title: Jana’s Self Storage Place - Facility Tour - 123 Main St Kansas City, KS

Include plenty of important information about your facility and links in the video description on Youtube.

Bad description: Jana’s Self Storage Place Tour - Check out our storage units.

Good description: This is a quick tour of what our 123 Main St Kansas City location has to offer. If you would like to see a list of all our available storage units and parking spaces, please visit janasselfstorageplace.com/self-storage-kansas-city-ks-66012 or swing by our facility at:

      Jana’s Self Storage Place

      123 Main St Kansas City, KS 66012

We also have a brand new Kansas City, MO location with climate controlled storage units only six miles from our original location. To see all of our available climate controlled units, please visit janasselfstorageplace.com/self-storage-kansas-city-mo-64030 or swing by our facility at:

      Jana’s Self Storage Place

      123 Lincoln St Kansas City, MO 64030

Have questions? We’d be happy to help. Give us a all at (123) 123-4567 or email us at info@janasselfstorageplace.com.

Current customer? Leave us a review at:

Yelp: yelp.com/biz/janas-self-storage-place

Facebook: facebook.com/JanasSelfStoragePlace

Google: google.com/gmb/janas-self-storage-place

Subscribe to our Youtube channel: youtube.com/channel/janasselfstorageplace or follow us on Facebook: facebook.com/JanasSelfStoragePlace to see our latest updates.

Begin your video by saying or showing your storage brand’s name and introducing yourself (if you’re narrating or in the video).

Bad intro: “So today I’m going to show you around our brand-new facility…”

Good intro: “Hi, this is Jana with Jana’s Self Storage Place. I’m am here to take you on a quick tour of our Kansas City, KS location on 123 Main Street…”

End your video by saying or showing your website address and telling prospective customers how to get started.

Bad ending: So thanks for watching today! Jana’s Self Storage Place truly has the best units in town.

Good ending: That’s a wrap! Don’t forget that you can always move-in or rent online 24/7 at JanasSelfStoragePlace.com

Easy peasy, right? Now that you know the key elements to include in your video, let’s check out some great examples of videos that you can copy at your storage facility from these real-life storage brands:

11 of the Best Self Storage Marketing Videos

A well-crafted video can help your facility stand out from the crowd online and build trust with potential renters. Although every storage business is different, and every target market has slightly different self storage needs, there are multiple elements in the following video examples that you can pull from and include in your own facility videos.

1. RH Rebel Storage: Facility tour

There’s a lot going well for RH Rebel’s facility tour video. It’s simple, clear, and gives renters a great visual of the facility, including a roadside view to help them navigate their way to your property. What I love most about this video though, is RH Rebel’s attention to detail in following the aforementioned best practices. It’s very easy to find more information about their facility and I can browse available units within seconds of watching the video.

2. Greenbox Self Storage: Drone video

Like many other businesses out there, Greenbox has jumped on the drone trend to create a cool, aerial video of their newly-built storage building. Drone videos always garnish a lot of views and they’re fast and easy to make. If you have a friend with a hobby drone, ask them if they would be interested in helping you make a short, three minute or less video showcasing your storage property for a small fee - or just buy them dinner! It’s a small price to pay to show all that your sprawling facility has to offer online.

3. Santa Barbara Storage: How much will fit in a 10x20 unit

Hands down, the best thing about Santa Barbara’s video is the narrator. He clearly explains the why behind the video, gives information about the 10x20 unit, and then proceeds to show a time-lapse video of someone moving furniture and household items out of a 10x20 unit. He then stands in the unit to show the relative size while some items are still in it. When making your own video showing your unit sizes, it’s helpful to have a partner to hold the camera and help you move furniture and items to show scale.

4. American Self-Serv Storage: Facility overview in Spanish

If your storage facility managers are bilingual, don’t forget to show it off! The best thing about a facility overview video that’s narrated in Spanish is that you can re-use your English facility overview video and just translate it using your facility’s Spanish-speaking staff. Don’t forget to also translate the video’s title and description en Español. You’ll have an easy-to-understand video that’s catered to the Spanish-speaking community in your market and helps you win more customers online.

5. Sparefoot: How to store a mattress

Let’s be honest...it seems like you get the same 10 questions every single time a new renter gets ready to move in. When choosing what questions to answer with a how to video, simply ask your managers to write down the most common questions new renters ask over a one or two month period, or listen to recorded phone calls in your management software! How to videos help renters find answers to their own questions and establish your credibility as an authority on all things storage.

6. STORExpress Storage: Premium features

You’d be surprised at how many self storage businesses have high-quality amenities like climate controlled vehicle storage, wine storage, business storage, or package delivery and don’t include a video that explains the service. What I love most about this video is the salesmanship: the STORExpress team really makes their vehicle storage look cool by talking about the car club, showing all of the shiny classic cars, and giving a preview of the upscale lounge area for tenants. All of the high-tech features and cool extras are what really sell renters on these premium spaces.

7. Amazing Spaces Storage Centers: Amenities for business tenants

Here’s another video with great content that’s tailored for a specific type of tenant. Even if you don’t already have a lot of commercial renters, you can help attract them to your storage business by showcasing all of the amenities your facility has that business owners care about most. If you’re making a video for commercial renters, don’t forget to show and tell features like large, drive-up accessible units, freight elevators, conference rooms, free wi-fi, extended access hours, and online autopay tools.

8. SmartLock Self-Storage: Top security features

With the continuing rise of break-ins at self storage facilities, security is certainly not something you’d want to breeze over. Why not make an in-depth video showcasing all of your facility’s security features? You’ll not only attract renters and build credibility, but you’ll also thwart crime: thieves typically do online research before breaking in to find the weak spots on the property where they’re least likely to be detected. Walk through your facility during the video and show your top security features, such as digital cameras, gates, keypads and fencing, motion sensor lights, unit alarms and electronic door locks, and even partnerships with local law enforcement.

9. RH Rebel Storage: Tour of temperature-controlled units

RH Rebel Storage’s temperature controlled building tour is another great example of a beautifully simple, yet highly effective marketing video. I love the shot of the thermostat at the beginning and the narrator’s emphasis of how nice and warm it is in the temperature controlled unit building compared to the freezing North Dakota winter weather outside. The halls are very clean and the unit doors are shiny and new looking, and we get a full look at everything that’s included in the storage building. Anyone can make a video like this in just a few short minutes, and it has huge marketing potential for your business.

10. All Canadian Self-Storage: Retail items

If you sell boxes, tape and other moving and packing supplies, don’t forget to make a short video showing all of the great stuff you have for sale in your office! I especially like that this video shows the affordable prices of the various items and includes box size dimensions so that renters know exactly what is available. Don’t forget to include your office hours in your video and let renters know that they can also buy moving and packing supplies from your facility online and pick them up on the day of move-in.

11. A-1 Self Storage: Outdoor vehicle parking

A-1 Self Storage showcases their outdoor parking spaces by featuring their large, covered parking for RVs and extra-large drive-in units for small campers and boats. By simply driving around the property and holding the camera steady out the window, viewers are able to get a full tour of the property and see all of the various RV, boat, and vehicle parking options. Plus, you can show off your property’s tall fence and high-tech security cameras along the way!

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