In a recent post, I explored why videos are more powerful than photos in storage unit marketing and included a few tips for shooting high-quality video right from your smartphone. If you’re ready to start making marketing videos for your storage business but you need a little inspiration, you’re in the right place! There are tons of ways you can use video to help market your storage business and educate renters, but for now, let’s just start with the 10 most essential videos for self storage.

Ready to start shooting? Let’s dive in!

1. Give a full tour of your facility.

A picture may say a thousand words, but videos say even more. The best way to help leads and new customers immediately feel at home at your business is to provide a full tour of your storage facility. You’ll be able to show off all of your facility’s best features and give new renters a real feel of various storage unit sizes and amenities.

A great example of a video that shows a full facility tour is this one from RH Rebel Storage:

For starters, I really like that this video is titled with the business name followed by a description of the video and the address of the facility. Why? It helps users to immediately know the who, what, and where of your video.

The title of the YouTube video.

I also like that the tour starts with the vehicle entering the facility from the road, just as customers do, showing off the access-controlled gate entry and pointing out the location of the office and various storage unit sizes as the narrator navigates through the facility in their car. If you click through to watch the video on Youtube, you’ll also see the video’s description (below the video player) includes their facility name and address and links to their website, social media pages, and online reviews. This is a great way to boost your video’s SEO and provide important information to customers. Make sure to include similar links in your video description to help viewers quickly orient themselves to your brand, where your facility is, and how they can find you online.

The description of the YouTube video.

2. Show new customers how to use your access-control keypad and gate.

If you have a keypad that provides digital gate access to your facility, an explainer video can be very helpful to new tenants who aren’t familiar with how to use your access control system. It’s easy to make a video showing how to use your keypad and gate: just put yourself in your tenant’s shoes!

A great example of a video that shows customers how to use access-control keypad and gate technology is this one from 10 Federal Storage:

This video is extremely thorough: it even shows a screenshare of the online rental process to point out where the tenant’s gate code is entered during the online rental process. The narrator speaks clearly and doesn’t skip any steps when explaining how to use the access-control keypad and the gate. (“To enter your gate code, you must push star, type your gate code, and then push pound.”) If tenants have to enter a gate code to access levels of your climate-controlled building, or on the way out of your facility, make sure you go over those steps as well. If your facility is unmanned or high-tech, it’s important to provide plenty of resources to help customers get the hang of it.

3. Provide a walkthrough of your climate-controlled units.

Many tenants might not know all of the benefits that come with a climate-controlled unit. Videos can help your tenants choose between climate-controlled and traditional units, and explain what to expect from their climate-controlled unit. If they’ve never stored their stuff before, they might not know the potential affect the weather can have on their items.

A great example of a video that shows off climate-controlled storage units is this one from RH Rebel Storage:

I really like the shot of the thermostat in the beginning of this video, and as the narrator walks through the halls of the climate controlled building, he talks about the damaging effects of cold on your belongings, and just how much better it feels to be in a nice, warm building. The halls are clean, the doors look brand new, and the facility looks very secure. The narrator discusses the unit sizes and also shows the exterior of the building so new renters know how to find it. This video is less than two minutes long, but it’s cram-packed with great information for customers.

4. Educate renters with your top packing and storage tips.

When tenants store their items properly, their items will be better protected from damage while in your care, and they’ll have a better storage experience overall. Videos are the perfect way to share your wealth of storage, packing, and moving tips with tenants and customers. Not only will your tenants be happier, but you’ll also be able to establish yourself as an industry expert and authority on self storage.

A great example of a video that shows handy packing and storage tips is this one from Sparefoot:

My favorite part of this video is the clips showing two tenants moving their items into their storage unit. It’s a great visual showing how a tenant can organize the stuff in their unit to protect their stuff from damage. This video is clear, concise, casual, and lists the most important tips first. The video also goes into the benefits of storing in a climate-controlled unit and lists all the tips in order at the end of the video.

If you’re planning on making several “how to store it” type videos, it’s a great idea to use the description area below your video to point users to your website and more of your how-to videos. You can make how-to videos for all of your most commonly stored items!

5. Make an explainer video of how to use your kiosk or online rental tools.

If you have a self-service kiosk or online rental tools at your facility, an explainer video can help introduce the technology to new renters and those who are used to renting from traditional storage facilities. Plus, you’ll get to show off your time-saving technology tools (like online bill payments and autopay) while educating your tenants. It’s a win-win!

A great example of a video that explains how to use a self-service kiosk is this one from Storage Choice:

What I like best about this video is the emphasis of convenience. The narrator repeatedly mentions that the kiosk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for rentals, payments, lock purchases, and more. The video also goes over accepted payments and available languages, while still emphasizing how easy the kiosk is to use. To make your own how-to kiosk video, all you’ll need is a friend to act as the renter and tap their way through the rental process. To create a how-to video for online move-ins and reservations, it’s even easier: all you’ll need is a screenshare capture of your website’s online rental tools.

6. Thank your tenants.

Gratitude is always appreciated, so why not make a video to simply say thank you to all of your fantastic tenants? A thank you video is a great way to reach out to tenants and community members, and it’s perfect to commemorate the opening of a facility, your business’s anniversary, or thank a long-time customer.

A great example of a thank you video is this one from Ripe to You:

While this isn’t a self storage video, it’s a great example of a short-and-sweet (and easy to make!) video that’s perfect for social media. I really like the owner’s introduction and genuine thank you to the community (and his team) for their continued support. Remember: your videos don’t have to be long to be effective. This video is less than a minute long, but it’s still very effective and clear.

7. Share a time-lapse of the construction of your storage property.

If you’re building a new storage facility, or adding on to your current property, don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your hard work by making a time-lapse video of the process. If nothing else, it’s a great way to introduce your business to neighbors who’ve been wondering what the heck you’re building on the lot, and it makes for a great social media post.

Check out this example of a time-lapse video from Trachte:

This video is only a minute long, but it shows months of hard work. While inclement weather is always a pain for construction, it definitely makes this video more exciting. To make your own, check out this tutorial on how to capture time-lapse videos with your iPhone.

8. Show off your premium amenities.

Does your storage facility offer luxury vehicle storage, wine storage, or pharmaceutical storage? First-rate amenities and niche storage options make for great videos! You can give tenants a walk-through of your specialized storage options and show off all of the great amenities that tenants get with premium storage rentals.

A great example of a video that shows off class-A amenities is this one from STORExpress:

My favorite part of this video is the cool amenities that you don’t expect to see in self storage. The emphasis on security is also fantastic for renters who are looking to store luxury or classic cars, and the perks go on and on with remote-surveillance for renters, Wi-fi access, and even a pool table in the lounge. If you have a facility with niche amenities, don’t be afraid to show them off with a video that establishes you as one of the area’s best in your niche.

9. Make a drone video showing a bird’s eye view of your property.

Almost everyone has a friend with a drone and a camera nowadays. Offer to buy your techy friend dinner in exchange for a short drone video of your facility - it might just be your most popular Youtube video ever! Drone videos are super trendy and they get a lot of clicks. All you’ll need to do is hover the drone above your facility to get a great video that will be viewed over and over again by curious tenants and potential customers.

Check out this great drone video from Greenbox Self Storage:

The stars of this video are the building’s modern design and its cool downtown location. I really like the bird’s eye view that the drone gives of the front of the facility as it takes off from the parking lot, and this effect is easy to recreate at any storage facility. Drone video is also the perfect way to showcase this facility’s rooftop solar panels and bring attention to the brand’s commitment to sustainable energy. If your business features solar panels, consider making a drone video that highlights your solar energy.

10. Se habla Espanol? Create a version of your overview video in Spanish!

Say “hola” to your Spanish speaking customers by making a translated video catered just to them! If you have a Spanish speaking facility manager to serve your customers, be sure to show off your commitment to inclusive customer service with a video.

Check out this easy example from American Self-Serve Storage:

My favorite thing about this video is its simplicity. To make this video, this storage business simply re-narrated their English-speaking overview video in Spanish. By speaking directly to their Spanish speaking customers, they’re able to better connect with the Spanish-speaking market in their area and show off their bilingual customer service skills abilities. To make finding this video even easier, their original overview video contains a link to jump to the Spanish-speaking video. (How easy is that?)

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