Need a little break from your busy day? Check out this quick blog post for even more tips on how to boost your self storage business’s performance online with video marketing. Video accounts for close to 80% of all internet traffic, and it converts leads to paying customers better than any other medium. Videos are truly a self storage marketer’s most powerful (free) tool, so don’t be afraid to grab your iPhone and start shooting! Check out these 10 video ideas for inspiration for your next video:

1. Give a tour of your facility.

Prospective renters are trying to evaluate your facility online, so why not make it easy for them with a virtual tour? Show your facility’s best side on a day with soft, neutral lighting and give renters an overview of what they can expect to see when they pull into your parking lot. The below video from STORExpress shows a bird’s eye drone view, customer testimonials, and some of the facility’s most notable features in just under four minutes. If you don’t have access to a drone camera, you can simply drive through the facility with your iPhone in hand and show off your various storage units, amenities, and security features. Be sure to include a link to your website’s facility page in the description below the video!

Video by STORExpress of Forest Hills, Pennsylvania.

2. Create a video showcasing your top amenities.

Show off your amenities with a fast and fun video that showcases what makes you different from your competitors. Whether that’s extra-large units for RVs, boats, campers, or vehicles, or premium, climate-controlled spaces for wine storage, be sure to showcase it to prospective tenants who are looking for the specific solution that your facility offers.

Video by STORExpress of Etna, Pennsylvania.

3. Show off your top security features.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your security system. Show it off to prospective tenants and discourage potential criminals from messing with your property at the same time with a short video going over your security tools. This short video from RH Rebel Storage is only a minute long, but it shows great details of the extensive security the facility has both inside and outside, and goes over how they maintain a secure property by partnering with local law enforcement. In just a minute, the narrator is able to explain how the facility’s surveillance process works and give renters piece of mind that their stuff will be kept safe.

Video by RH Rebel Storage of Jamestown, North Dakota.

4. Make a video answering frequently asked questions about storage.

Think of the most commonly asked questions that you get about self storage, like how to best pack clothes and furniture, what items need climate controlled units, and how many boxes you’ll need to pack up everything in your home. Then, make a quick “how to” video! By offering your tips on how tenants can store their stuff safely, you can show your expertise and authority on the topic and let leads know what you offer to make their storage or moving project easier.

Video by Storage King of Sydney, Australia.

5. Introduce viewers to your facility managers.

Let your leads see your brand’s fun personality and meet your team at the same time with a video that introduces facility managers to tenants. Walk tenants through the facility, introduce them to your team, or give them a rundown of how long you’ve been in the storage business. Check out this video from U-Store of Kalamazoo, Michigan for inspiration: they made an awesome video for social media during March Madness with just a basketball and a bunch of team members hanging out at the facility.

6. Show how to use your access control keypad.

Renters love the convenience of being able to serve themselves. If you offer 24-hour access or online move-ins, you’ll want to make an explainer video that shows new renters how to use their new gate code to enter and exit the facility through your gate. Without a video explaining how to use the access control keypad and gate entry system, they’ll need to come to your facility during office hours to get a walkthrough from a facility manager, or worse, they could damage your gate. It only takes a minute to make a video showing how to enter your code to both enter and exit the property.

Video from ezStorage of Washington, D.C.

7. Make a tutorial showing how to pack stuff for self storage.

Cater to your market with a video that shows how to pack something that your renters seem to store a lot of. Whether you’re marketing to college students looking to store textbooks, mini fridges, and futons, or you get a lot of renters who want to store their vehicle, motorcycle, or camper for the winter, you can make a helpful “how to” video that explains how they can pack and prepare their stuff for self storage. Create a time lapse video of a mover packing items into a storage unit, or speed up a detailed packing video that shows renters how to pack antique books like this one from Elephant Self Storage.

Video from Elephant Self Storage of Dublin, Ireland.

8. Find your favorite tenant for a testimonial video.

Chat with one of your favorite tenants and ask them a few questions about what they love about your storage facility for a quick customer testimonial video. Some people love being on camera, but if your tenants are a little more shy, try offering them a discounted month in return for their honest on-camera testimonial of your business. They don’t have to be super talkative - even a few short quotes is enough. Check out this short, one minute video from Cubes Self Storage for inspiration!

Video by Cubes Self Storage of Salt Lake City, Utah.

9. Give a tour of your office.

If you’ve got boxes, moving and packing supplies, or locks for sale in your office, give prospective renters a tour and let them know what to expect when they come in to buy supplies at your facility. With a quick tour, they’ll know just where to go and what to do when they swing by your facility to pay their bill, rent a unit, or purchase supplies. It doesn’t have to be perfect - in fact, videos that have very little editing and effects help increase trust with viewers and makes your brand feel more genuine. Don’t be afraid to have your office manager give a wave at the end of the video, like in this one from Coventry Self Storage.

Video by Coventry Self Storage of Coventry, Connecticut.

10. Show off your various storage unit options.

In this video from RH Rebel Storage, two storage experts tag team a tour of the facility’s climate controlled building while wearing branded gear. It’s clear the video was shot with a smartphone, but it’s still excellent quality and it’s very easy to hear and understand what the narrators are saying. A video that shows your storage unit options is an excellent way to get more renters into hard-to-fill spaces. By giving leads a peek inside your units, they’ll be able to estimate the unit size they need for their storage project and easily see the difference between climate controlled units, drive-up units, and warehouse space.

Video by RH Rebel Storage of Jamestown, North Dakota.

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